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Example Round Tier Sizes with Starting Prices:  

(Taxes and delivery not included)

3 tiers:

6" x 9" x 12" tiers = 98 servings = $343

6" x 10" x 14" tiers = 128 servings = $448

8" x 12" x 16" tiers = 180 servings = $630

4 tiers:

6" x 8" x 10" x 12" = 130 servings = $455

6" x 9" x 12" x 14" = 175 servings = $612

6" x 10" x 14" x 18" = 253 servings = $885

8" x 10" x 12" x 14" = 196 servings = $686

5 tiers:

6" x 8" x 10" x 12" x 14" = 208 servings = $728

6 tiers:

8" x 10" x 12" x 14" x 16" x 18" = 421 servings = $1473

Wedding Cake Information, Sizes, Prices

Wedding Cake Pricing:  

Prices are primarily by serving and begin at $3.50 per serving plus tax. A nonrefundable $200 down payment locks in your date, and the full balance is due by 2 weeks before the wedding. Wedding cake quotes are guaranteed for 14 days from the date given.

Two traditional cake flavors are included at no extra cost.  Extra charges may apply for premium flavors, more than two flavors in the same wedding cake, for extra-tall cake tiers, and for fondant base icing.   All cakes are made from scratch.  No enhanced cake mixes are used in any of our cakes.  Buttercream icing is also handmade here at the bakery.

We are consistently told at bridal shows that our cakes taste the best in Columbia!   And our buttercream-iced cakes are often mistaken for fondant-iced cakes. More than half the wedding cakes in our photo gallery are buttercream-iced, though many have fondant and gumpaste embellishments. Of course any cake can be made in all fondant if that is your preference. Contact us today to determine the best composition for your design...

Vintage Bakery has a minimum wedding cake cost of $343 plus tax, starting with a 3-tier round buttercream wedding cake that serves 98 guests (86 if the top tier is reserved).  The smallest square 3-tier wedding cake serves 122 (106 if the top tier is reserved) at a cost of $427 plus tax.

Flavors, icings, tier configuration, and complexity of design also affect pricing.  Many sizes and shapes are available and can be mixed in many creative and striking ways. Note that a square tier cake serves more than a round tier cake in the same size, thus the cost is slightly higher.

Delivery fees begin at $49 and depend upon distance from the bakery, Friday delivery that puts us in stop-and-start rush hour traffic with a fragile wedding cake, whether the cake must be hand-carried vs. carted to the cake table (i.e., across a large grassy yard), lifted up stairs, lifted up onto a stage, time required to assemble the cake, and adding decorations that cannot be attached before delivery. Typical three-tier and four-tier cakes can usually be delivered fully assembled and ready for display.   

(For small, intimate weddings, a 2-tier cake can be ordered as an "Occasion/Party Cake" without consultation or delivery services. Click here for details.)

We leave a box for the top tier, and a separate box for some leftovers, under the cake table at delivery (usually in the kitchen if the table cloth is not floor length).

Optional silver or gold cake risers/plateaus are available for a small rental fee plus a refundable deposit. The cake stand deposit is refunded to the bride/credit card automatically when the cake stand is returned to us undamaged  by Wednesday after the wedding (delegate and set this up ahead of time please - the stand can be left in the designated area by our front door night or day, open or closed, without an appointment or calling ahead). 

Vintage Bakery is not responsible for wedding cakes after delivery.  Please watch especially for unattended children.

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