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Wedding Cake CONTACT FORM:

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​​​​Wedding cake consultation/tastings are complimentary.  Please complete the form below.   The appointment will be confirmed back to you. 

Please attach 1-2 of your most favorite photo ideas (or email to  It is helpful if we can print them out ahead of our meeting.  They are a very helpful starting point to understand your design style even though your own cake is created new and unique. 


Appointment start times are 7am-5pm Tues-Thurs, and 7:30am-10:30am Saturdays, 1 hour apart.  Please send three date/time choices that work for you in the form below.   Wedding cake consultations are not available on Fridays due to the weekend rush, and we are closed on Sundays/Mondays.

If you cannot keep your appointment time, or the number in your party changes, please give us notice so we do not waste cake. Many flavors are included in the tasting and waste can become very costly. A quick email would be most appreciated as we are striving to keep this a no-cost service.

The wedding cake consultation is your 45-50 minute session for personal discussion, design & tasting. Bring photos, sketches, colors, invitation or anything that inspires creativity and communicates your vision. The more information provided ahead of time, the more relevant, specific and helpful we can be..

​​If your cake is being paid by a parent or someone else who reserves approval authority, please assure this person is present at this consultation.  

All quotes, online/email/phone or in person, expire at the end of 14 days unless confirmed with a non-refundable down payment of $200.  

Early planning, starting costs and example cake tier size info is on our "Wedding Cake Info" page.

​​Complete email, phone, and online pay service is available for out-of-town (or local) couples marrying in the Columbia area who cannot visit ahead of time.

Please answer questions marked with * or form will not send.

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