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Cake Squares and Petits Fours are both grab-and-go, easy-to-serve desserts appropriate when self-serving is required.  Pre-cut Cake Squares are a less messy and easy-to-serve alternative to cupcake pull-aparts.  Perfect for school parties.  Either can be decorated formally or informally.  

Petits fours (iced top and sides) with rosebuds start at $21 per dozen plus tax.  The "Tiffany Box" blue with white bow petits fours are $33 per dozen.  Minimum 2 dozen for all petits fours.  Basic cake squares (iced on top only, cut or uncut) are the same cost and servings count as sheet cakes.

​The CONTACT FORM is HERE for your convenience, and photos or sketches may be attached.  Or email  Or call (803) 386-8806. 

Petits Fours, Cake Squares