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In-Person design consultations are 30-minute personal discussions of your cake requirements.  The fee is dependent upon the number of people tasting cake.  The first $25 of this fee is applied to cost of the cake if the cake is confirmed with us.

Click "Pay Now" on the left to pay. Then complete the form below. We will confirm the appointment time back to you.

The form below does not confirm a cake order. It simply sends us the information needed to prepare for our meeting.

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Cake Contact Form:  In-Person Non-Wedding Consultation

​​​​​Payment in full is due one week ahead of pickup for all cakes (two weeks ahead for weddings).  

​​Cake cancellations within 5 days of pickup are non-refundable.  In-person design consultation payments are non-refundable. 

Cakes not picked up by closing on the scheduled pick-up day are non-refundable.

Please allow the file to finish attaching before clicking "submit".

Optionally, photos or multiple photos may be emailed directly to

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