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There are two groom cake traditions, and there is no right or wrong to either:  (1) Serve it at the rehearsal dinner as dessert, or (2) Present it as a gift from the bride to the groom on his own table at the wedding reception to honor him and his interests, hobby, collectibles, or sport.  Either scenario may be a surprise or not.

Men's masculine-themed and sports cakes are appropriate for many occasions from groom cakes to birthdays to graduations. To avoid repetition they are combined here.  Use one of these for inspiration or send us your ideas for a cake uniquely created for your special occasion.  

TheCONTACT FORM HERE contains quick checkboxes to walk you through the information needed to size and quote a groom or men's cake, guides you through the thought process, and provides space to communicate your ideas.  Attach a sketch or photo file from anywhere if desired  -  these help communicate your ideas more clearly.  Or email  Info@VintageBakery.com.  Or call  (803) 386-8806.  

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