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Characters and cartoons on a cake may be accomplished using several methods, shown in order of increasing cost:

  1. Purchase your own small toys or characters from a toy store and we create a background cake on which you may add your toy(s).
  2. Cake top theme kits from the CAKE TOP KITS page.
  3. ​Flat cakes that are shaped like the character.
  4. The character can be computer printed on an edible image sugar sheet in food colors. This is an exact edible copy of the photo sent to us by you. It melds into the icing.
  5. The character can be hand re-created in icing, flat on top of a cake. This works best with fairly simple images such as those from a coloring book page.
  6. Semi-3D representations that are flat on the cake, but still have some raised dimension to them. These may be made of icing, chocolates or fondant/gumpaste.
  7. ​The character can be hand painted in food color, flat on top of a cake.
  8. Handmade, stand-up 3D sculptures made of fondant, gumpaste, chocolates and/or other edible materials.  Expect the cost to be significantly higher than the other methods because internal support structures often must be manufactured to support them.   Generally, standing characters, or characters with raised arms and legs, are more expensive than characters in sitting or lying down positions. These cakes can cost more than wedding cakes depending upon their complexity, and depending upon the amount of detail on the rest of the cake aside from the character itself.

In each case, the cost is dependent upon the level of complexity, and time and materials involved.

Please send any requests for further information or quotes using the CONTACT FORM. Photos or sketches may be attached, and we can quote from these.  Or email  Or call  (803) 386-8806. 

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