​​​​​Payment in full is due one week ahead of pickup for all cakes (two weeks ahead for weddings).  

​​Cake cancellations within 5 days of pickup are non-refundable.  In-person design consultation payments are non-refundable. 

Cakes not picked up by closing on the scheduled pick-up day are non-refundable.

​ (We do not make "adult"-themed, unclothed cakes.)

​​​​​​​​​​​The form below simply emails the bakery, leads you through questions we must ask on the phone to quote a cake, the checkboxes save time, no consultation or design fees, receives the same personalized attention, improves accuracy, and guides you through the thought process. Gives you time to think. Photos or sketches may be attached, and you can request your response by email, phone, or as an invoice ready to pay/confirm.  ​Even if you prefer to talk to us by phone or in person, it is helpful to send this info ahead. 

NOTE: This form does not automatically generate an order or invoice unless you request it below. Cakes are custom and cannot be pre-defined in an online shopping catalog/cart.  We personally quote all the cakes by your choice of email, phone, or ready-to-pay email invoice.  Upon your acceptance of a quote, we can email a detailed custom invoice to you, or you may direct pay the total on the "Payments" page.  Checks and cash are also welcome.

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Optionally, photos or multiple photos may be emailed directly to Info@VintageBakery.com.