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  • These theme kits are on hand now at Vintage Bakery.  Many other themes and characters are available, and coordinating cupcake pics are available to match many of them.  Please contact us if the theme/character you need is not shown.  We will check availability and respond with a photo and cost. Most add $7 to the cost of a cake, which covers cost for most standard kits.  This cost can be significantly lower than the cost for handmade items. (​Please allow 2 weeks for delivery of kits not in stock. They can be expedited to 1 week; however, expediting and rush shipping costs add approx $20.​)

  • Your cake may be customized and decorated differently from the example designs shown here.  Many of the kits also make perfect top and side embellishments for tier cakes for larger celebrations.

  • For doll dress cakes, please purchase the 11 1/2" doll of your choosing and bring or ship to us ahead of time.  Keep in mind that painted on shoulder straps/clothing on some dolls may interfere with design, so please choose carefully depending upon what you wish the final cake dress to look like.

  • We can create the background cake for most any store-bought toy that is small enough to fit.

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