​​​Delivery service is available for cakes of 3 tiers and up.

 ​Sorry, gluten-free, sugar-free or dairy-free products are not available.

Please  notify us of food allergies at time of order.

Please browse our extensive portfolio of party cakes for all occasions. Choose something here, choose one as a starting point to customize, or we will gladly work with you to create your own unique design. This can often be accomplished in email for your convenience, using the Contact Form link here or above. 

It is helpful for you to give some thought to design and cost investment ahead of time to point us in the right direction.   There can be vast differences in time and complexity required to design and create a cake.

If you have a photo of a design you like already, please attach it at the bottom of the Contact Form link  (or email to info@VintageBakery.com) and we can provide faster turnaround of the quote/information/options. The Contact Form is best because it asks the other questions needed to quote a cake. 

If you have multiple photos, these may be attached in a separate email to info@VintageBakery.com.  Please include your name so we can identify your photos.

Party Cake Flavors, Sizes, Prices

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Cake Prices (before tax):

Round Two-Layer Cakes (Cut dessert-style wedges):

Round 6" cake = 6-8 servings = $36 and up

Round 8" cake = 12 servings = $46 and up

Round 9" cake = 16 servings = $56 and up

Round 10" cake = 20-24 servings = $72 and up

Round 12" cake = 40-45 servings = $98 and up

Bundt or Pound Cakes:

(ClickHEREand scroll down for Bundt shapes available)

Pound Cake Flavors:

Light Chocolate, Lemon, Almond, or ButterGold®

Traditional "Tube" Pan, or Special "Bundt" Shapes, PLAIN:  $36 and up

Traditional "Tube" Pan, or Special "Bundt" Shapes, GLAZED:  $46 and up

Sheet Cakes (2"x2" squares):

Mini Sheet, 7"x11" = 15 servings = $36 and up

Small Sheet, 9"x13" = 24 servings = $46 and up

Medium Sheet, 11"x15" = 35 servings = $56 and up

Large/Half Sheet, 12"x18"  = 54 servings = $98 and up

Jumbo/Full Sheet, 18"x26"  = 108 servings = $136 and up

(Any sheet cake can be made two layers (not tiers) high for double the quantity of servings in a smaller footprint for easier transport.  Icing is added between the layers. Cost is double.  The cake then may be cut in 1"x2" two-layer slices instead of cut as flat 2"x2" one-layer squares. Just ask for a "double-high sheet cake" to request this option.)

Tier Cakes:

Two-tier cakes begin at 50 servings = $152 and up

Three-tier cakes begin at 98 servings = $350  and up

Four-tier cakes begin at 130 servings = $455 and up

(Delivery available for three-tier cakes and above, starting at a fee of $69, dependent upon distance.)

Petits Fours (2" x 2") = $21 per dozen and up, dependent upon design

Cupcakes = $21 per dozen and up, dependent upon design and icing thickness

Standard decorationsfor non-wedding cakes include generous floral/rose spray(s) or balloons/confetti piped in buttercream.  There are no extra charges for these decorations.  Everything else is custom design.

Toy cake top kits are available at a cost of $6 each plus tax (a few are higher), added to the cake cost. This is the least expensive way to purchase a "theme"  cake for famous cartoons, characters and TV/movies.  Cupcake pics are also available at various costs.  Cake and cupcake themes and pics can often be coordinated.  If the theme you wish is not in stock, please allow 2 weeks for special order.  

Characters and figurines made by hand are custom work that adds additional cost that can be significant depending upon the detail.  3D or stand-up design is higher in cost than work created flat on a cake.  All of these services are available so that we can achieve the design you truly desire. 

You may wish to purchase your own cake top cartoon toys/characters elsewhere and add them to the cake yourself. We can design the background cake to fit your toy.

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Party Cake Flavors:

  • ​White Birthday

  • White Sprinkles (specify Pastel or Primary colors)

  • Red Velvet
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Pound Cake (Lemon, Almond, Vanilla, or Buttergold™)