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Beach, Nautical, Tropical, Pirate, Tiki and Pool Party Cakes

The Beach and anything water or tropical is synonymous with summer fun, parties and vacations.  Whether your party theme is beach, tiki, tropical, nautical or poolside, we want to create the party cake to complement your splashy celebration. Pirates, mermaids, flamingos, sea turtles, palm trees, tiki torches, hibiscus flowers, bamboo, beach towels, beach balls and umbrellas, anchors, sailboats, sharks, seashells, flip flops and sunglasses easily come to mind. What else can you dream up for a beachy tropical party cake?

We'd love to hear your ideas and create the cake for your perfect party splash.  The CONTACT FORM is HERE for your convenience, and photos or sketches may be attached.  Or email  Info@VintageBakery.com.  Or call  (803) 386-8806.