Baby's arrival is a precious and miraculous time of amazing wonder!  Celebrate with a centerpiece baby shower cake or gender reveal cake to complement the occasion.  These celebrations bring family and friends together to reinforce relationships that nurture the baby for years to come.  

The baby's name can be used on baby shower cakes, or bring us a sealed copy of the doctor's report from the ultrasound if you need a gender reveal cake.  Or have a friend call it in.  It is a very special honor to know the gender of the baby before even the parents (or only the guests if you plan it that way), and we treat the secret with utmost care.  The moment of revealing the inside of the cake is dramatic, memorable, and fun for everyone at the shower!

Call us today to make arrangements for your baby shower cake or gender reveal cake. Use the designs here for inspiration, send us a photo or sketch, or just point us in the right direction with theme, color and cake size.   We'll create a baby shower or gender reveal cake uniquely for you!   

The CONTACT FORM HERE is for your convenience, and photos or sketches may be attached.  Or email  Or call  (803) 386-8806.

Baby Shower Cakes, Gender Reveal Cakes

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