Animal Cakes, Farm, Zoo, Circus, Safari, Pet Animal Cakes.

Bird, Insect, Reptile, Dino, Dragon Cakes.  Circus, Carnival Cakes.

Animals, Pets, Insects, Birds, Reptiles, Dinosaurs, Dragons....  people love some and fear others, but on a fresh baked cake or as a cake, who can resist! Whether your favorite is frpm the Zoo, Farm, Circus, Jungle, Safari, Carnival, State Fair, in the Sky, near an erupting Volcano, or at Home, we want to be your bakery of choice for the celebration cake.  

These critters and creatures can be cute and cuddly or fierce and fiery. The occasion can be a child's birthday, a baby shower, birthday, retirement or a fundraiser for your local shelter.  Whatever you need or can dream, we want to create the party cake for you.  The CONTACT FORM is HERE for your convenience, and photos or sketches may be attached.  Or email  Or call (803) 386-8806. 

NOTE:  Fish, deer, ducks and other hunting and fishing animal and theme cakes are on the "Groom, Sports, Masculine" cakes page.

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